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Been lurking for years on this forum, finally joining for advice. Just trying to save a buck on something I love by doing something I love. Can grow fruits and vegetables no problem, never seem to grow right during flowering, indoor growing over winter and short outdoor attempts in northern CAN.  “ELE, everybody love everybody” Jackie moon, semi pro. Peace, Love, and music make the world go around and each one makes the other.  

Thanks for the welcome, I have been lurking for years on here and learning and reading from many of the posts and figure if anyone can help it’s the people on this site.

As for what I have going, it’s all been off the top off my head. I have no readings or anything. At this time from replies I’ll be going to get a ph tester to check my tap water, because all I know about it is it keeps my teeth healthy and it doesn’t taste like shit. 

For my soil I was mislead by the title of super soil and also a little uneducated in the terms of what it takes to bring a plant to full growth. 

Ultimately I want to grow organically as I live in a place where marijuana is legal recreationally and many of the suppliers products are over done chemically and many hurt more than a cigarette to smoke. So I want a simple and clean product to smoke. 
Any advice you can give would be wonderful, my current plant may be out the window for help but I would love to grow more as plants are one of my passions and the only freedom we may have is being able to do things for ourselves. 

Hey, sorry what do you mean by synthetic or organics? I’m using a purchased “organic” super soil mix from bluesky and haven’t done anything other than possibly over water with tap water.  

Awesome thanks everyone so much for the feedback. I’ve been watching your posts and comments for awhile and I give credit to you all for what I have done so far. I think nutrients are the biggest key, my soil may not have had enough nutrients to finish off, so I need to add some to the flowering water cycle. As for being thirsty there’s no doubt that she’s over watered I found a soft spot in the soil and put my finger down and it came out well saturated and that’s four days after my last watering of around 250-500ml.


Could an issue arise from the soil or water being too cold? the tent temp is steady 23 Celsius but the tent is on a cool northern floor one of which I need slippers and socks to handle myself. Would it benefit to raise the plant off the ground to provide a warmer soil and water temp in the bottom of the pot? 

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Hi Everyone, I’ve been coming here for years to learn. I finally grew a plant past flowering and I chose a Nirvanna Northern lights autoflower for my first time. No training and trimmed fan leaves until 3rd week. Using a 2.3 x 2.3ft Mars hydro tent. With a TSW1000 LED full spectrum,16 inches above top, had it on 18-6 cycle entire time. 5 gallon cloth pots, using bluesky organics super soil. No nutes used and from the tap water. Tent temp and humidity have relatively been on par 23 degrees Celsius, 40-50% humidity. At about 7 weeks I had some issues with leaves yellowing, with browning spots, and falling off eventually, I am now at 10 weeks and not much growth has happened since. From research this is an overwatering issue which that’s what I attribute it to as I haven’t been as observant and interactive with her as I should have.

The question is does this issue really come from a watering issue or possibly nutrition. And are the instruments that tell me things like soil moisture and ph balances worth investing in to gain a better understanding of what my soil and plant need?  

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