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Greetings from Canada 🇨🇦,  I'm Cheese I'm looking to start some grow journals on here, look out for them. Right now I'll only run the mars hydro tf 600 with approx 3 gallons of soil in a homemade stealth nightstand approximately dimensions are height 22 inches depth 18 inches width 24 inches I will be doing some photos but mostly short auto's pictures will be for friends only, mostly.

What's the estimated yield. I say it like that because I don't sell my weed so there is no point in owning a scale, assume more people do it like I do.

The soil is random dollar store soil I had to start this grow fast and didn't have time to order any because I have to leave for a week in a few months

Oh I also wanted to tell you, if you top at a younger age two or three first set of true 🍃you end up with 4 tops at a older age most of the time you only get two

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I would imagine doing multiple levels at the same time would average it out. What I do is just get it 5.5-6.2 if it's in between there it's good. ph matters but I have never noticed a difference when keeping it at a specific level. I like to do the method with minimal effort that's how I get the best results is by giving the plants less love lmao. Obviously I do training methods of course but I neglect watering at the beginning on purpose so the roots will spread in search for more water.

Did a closer inspection I did fim her however she produced only 4 tops.

Lmao good question at first I did fim it xD but I went over it right after trying to get the rest off didn't really look at it or anything to make sure. Just quickly bent it off.

She was 12 days old, Idk how long she will veg for so I got it done as soon as I could I have watched a video of someone topping this strain on day 8 sprouted 2 tops from the first two little 🍃 didn't know weed could do that she also went 24 hours without light because of a storm on like day 6

Phosphorus is important especially for auto flowers I would assume 6 and 6.2 every other watering according to this chart.

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She had amazing results from topping I literally topped her two days ago this is what she looks like now. I will tie down the tops plus all the other branches starting in a couple days it seems. 

I'm super happy you guy told me about this I watch lots of yt vids and never even saw it. Definitely getting one.

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I need a good budget rosin press, I want to quit smoking flower and just eat edibles my lungs are not doing well. I was looking into the juicebox rosin press but if anyone knows of any other budget ones I don't mind having to use a small amount of flower and just doing it like 20 times or w/e. I need wax because I want to make gummies. Now I'm putting this under edibles because I want to see if any of you guys know a way to make gummies with flower. If I can figure out a way to make gummies with flower I will skip the rosin press, might just skip the press and just do syrup.

Yeah need them in white light I would just pull one out in normal light and snap a picture

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