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Greetings from Canada 🇨🇦,  I'm Cheese I'm looking to start some grow journals on here, look out for them. Right now I'll only run the mars hydro tf 600 with approx 3 gallons of soil in a homemade stealth nightstand approximately dimensions are height 22 inches depth 18 inches width 24 inches I will be doing some photos but mostly short auto's pictures will be for friends only, mostly.

The two plants fully in picture look like they stretched a lot.

My comment was just a guess someone with the electric company like 7 years ago told me if it's really high power usage they report it but I stick to just pay your bill on time and your good keeping credit on your account to cover one winter bill is what I do

I wouldn't exceed 2000w equivalent or 300w draw in an illegal area, and you should be fine has to be extreme for them to report you.

Sounds like you really want to sit down and just think lmao

Oh now I'm thinking it's not enough room XD

Sounds like trichomes are not the only crystals that guy likes lmao

Added a comment to lemon tree 

I have three auto fruiting lemon tree seeds on the way now ^^

I really like it perfect for five 10 gallon pots.

You will get a more flexible stem from sativas but really I mean they almost all turn like that at certain age, younger it is the easier it is to work with. I would start lst as sprouts.

Thats incorrect it detects the heat ON the wall not through the wall.

I keep 100 dollars of credit with my power company I have a one bedroom apartment electric is like 70 a month, keep that shit in check NaH MeAN. But yeah I mean with a micro grow F L I R doesn't help as long as it's not right up against an outside wall xD even a 24x24. It only detects heat in the current room or through a window so just keep it in a inside closet and so on.

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