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Oh damn!! Looks super tasty!!! Looks awesome!! Great job!

I always cut my plants down in the dark I like it to be dark for at least 24 hours before I chop them down.... this seems to give me a smoother smoke 

Oh and ya I’ve heard that ocean forest can burn seedlings but I’ve had no problems with it doing that to my young ones.... they seem to thrive with ocean forest I pop all my seeds in it

I haven’t grown outdoors yet but I have a buddy that digs a hole in the ground and mixes in 2 bags of Ocean Forest per plant hole per year and that dude has great success last year he pulled 4 lbs or more off each plant he had!!

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couldn’t have said it better!!

Looks like your crushing it still Chubby!!

Ya ChAs420 I definitely would like to but I’ve been doing perpetual harvests so by the time the flower plants are done I move the veg plants into the flower tent. Definitely would be sweet to do both though and really spread them girls out evenly 

I think they meant to say the dreaded lock out where your PH is in the wrong area so it locks the plant out from being able to uptake nutrients properly.... right? Or at all if locked out or sometimes you can have to much of one nutrient causing lockout for a different nutrient that’s needed

that definitely sounds pretty interesting especially liked the part where it was talking about potentially not needing fertilizers 

Started using a scrog net and putting the net up right before flip and as they stretch start weaving them in the net a bit and it seemed to really help keep them low as I need low cuz I’m in a tent RN

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Those are pretty cool looking!! I’ve never seen them before! 

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hmmmmm ya I haven’t found how to pm either

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