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Grow light

Hi, I havent grown anything for 4-5 years and even back then I only grew twice. Used a 400w bulb. 

I am about to give it another go and am looking into LED lights, anything to recommend from eBay or similar under 250 euros (+shipping etc) that can compete with a 400w old fashioned grow light?



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    • Tent? Grow "area"?  What size?  How many plants?

      Is heat a big issue?  If not, I'd run the 400 watt HID, and start saving pennies to upgrade later. You'll probably get better results with the HID, than with an underpowered, cheap LED.

      If heat IS an issue, take a look at Mars Hydro, Spider Farmer, or Viparspectra...not top shelf, but well known.

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      • Ok, thanks. This is the kind of reply I was hoping for.


        Heat shouldnt be an issue. I have a tent but was thinking of using a regular bedroom for the flowering this time. Its cold outside now so if it gets a little hot I can just open a window. Will be running fans of course.


        1 or 2 plants probably. I dont need much, I will use it for pain and will make a tincture of it. So I could buy a really expensive light but I feel my need dont justify it.


        The younglings I was thinking of keeping in my bathroom by the sink, or possibly the tent. 


        Btw, what is the lowest recommended grow temperature when flowering?

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      • Welcome to the portal! Rbt's answer is fantastic. I started using LED's a few years back and you can get some for not much money. I have Viparspectra and I am pretty happy with them. I usually grow one plant at a time so when I started I was using one v600 with good results and I think I spent around 120 dollars for it. Please don't hesitate to ask questions here as you are getting up and running! Again, welcome!

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        • i have vipar spectra lights and have been really happy with them. for an all around light it fits the bill.

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