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Landraces - Care and Feeding

So I searched and couldn't find anyone here that has spoken of landraces in the archive that I could find. Perhaps someone has it just didn't come up in search.

So what can anyone tell me about the care and feeding of a landrace cross. Seems I have aquired a Durban IBL x with several others, mostly interesested in his Blackwater cross. and of course I want to treat with the best so anyone have some dirt on these girls?😊

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    • Soooo, you have a landrace Durban, crossed with unknowns?

      If so, you no longer have a landrace, you have a hybrid. Crossing strains to get favorable traits from the parents.

      Anywho, I'm not sure of the question. Depending on what it's crossed with, it sounds Sativa-ish. So, warmer temps, more light, less nutes, are generally in order for Sativas. But again, it depends on what it's crossed with.

       IBL's and Landraces are still just marijuana plants. Grow them like you would any top shelf bud.

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      • Yep, if you did a DNA test on them they will all go back to a landrace at some point, finding a true landrace at this point could be a challenge 

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      • so here are the crosses;

        all crossed with Durban poison IBL


        MAC - this one also of interest to grow This MAC mother has been around for awhile and comes from a old line

        Then a White Widow and Big Bang from Greenhouse 

        originally wanted just the blackwater but he had a few others so for bit more a bargin was made

        just want to glean a bit of info on these, how to coax out thier best. It will deffinately be a sativa fest

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        • It being half landrace will make it more of a challenge to grow than a true hybridized strain but it really depends on what version of Durban was used in the cross as well. 

          Most Durban nowadays is IBL to the point they can eat just as much as any hybrid. 

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        • RbtAsq has your answer but that is a creepy freaking picture, 

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          • yeah and you should see the christmas pics with santa, better. but deffinately this one takes a creep point or two. I think it's my little rat terriers expression. and to think as kids we had to do this every holiday too🤔

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            • The Terriers do not look happy

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            • I couldn't agree with RbtAsq any more ! He brings up some valid points concerning IBL/ landrace strains. It reminds me of White Widow being a hybrid of two strains, from two different regions, of two different countries. The pup on the left doesn't look too happy !!

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              • so I am thinking that I should treat them as sativa until they show strong characteristics either way? Light on nutes 

                how about acidity? do they prefer a more acidic or basic feed? i.e. would the plants prefer it 6.3 rather than say 5.8. I have never been sure on this and often mix it up but a long time ago I read it prefers different pH levels dependent on the stage of growth.

                Some are more sensitive to this, others could care less - just Feed me Seymore


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