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anyone know about making rossin/dabs with a heat press? for some reason I can press out some rossin from bud I buy, but my fresh grown buds only give me very little and it's very light looking almost clear. can say this though the buds that get squished give me a different nice high when smoked.

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    • How "fresh" is fresh grown?

      If it's too wet, you'll get a lot of water. If it's too dry, the oils won't flow. (Wasted a qtr zip learning that one.)

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      • Break out your scale, and compare how much rosin you get vs how much weed you press.

        Depending on the quality (and strain) of the flower, the press, and the know how of the operator, you can expect a ROI of between 10-25%.

        I'm still learning, myself. I'm pressing my weed, on one of the cheapest presses out there, and I'm between 15 and 20% ROI. I figure it's purely beginner's luck, but I'll take it!!


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        • You mean 15-20% Rosin to dry bud rate? So 10 grams of dry flower will give you about 1.5 to 2.0 grams of rosin? How is the smoke?

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          • And yes, to your math.

            I'm pressing 5 grams a squish, and getting just under .9 grams of rosin.


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            • Damn good yield!

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            • Other than the qtr I wasted first try, I've been pressing the couple of ounces of Malawi Killer I managed to salvage from OD.

              The taste is different, without the plant material. Even with the immature flower, it's a good buzz. Malawi is definitely gonna add some kick to whatever I cross it with.

              I'm wondering if I'm gonna want to dilute the rosin from the MKs I've got flowering now, and make vape juice instead of dabs.

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              • Outdoor homegrown never presses as much as indoor for me but I only have a cheap press. I got similar tests...on the phone...I think one was 21 and one was 19 but I couldn't extract as much with my equipment. 

                Always have enough moisture and it helps to have a little cure for the flavor. 

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                • I need to get on this bus and see where it goes

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