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wall mount fan

hi looking for the best way to setup my 16 inch wall mount oscillating fan. ive had several of the secret jordan fans but they dont last long.ive had the 16 inch for several years when i used our spare bedroom for it.but now had to go to tents because grand daughter moved in with us.

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    • You'd almost have to mount a 2x4 (1x4?) vertically, between a floor rail, and a ceiling rail.

      Those fans have a lot of forward/ downward pull to them.

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      • fans lead a hard life in a grow rom because they have to run almost 24/7

        I would recommend getting clever with some tie straps if you dont have decent mounting brackets

        get some of the big ones from Home Depot

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        • Could you build a stand out of 2x4's that looks like a set of forks (fork lift), with the forks running on the floor, and add a frame going vertical against the wall, to attach the fan to ? You could build it to fit the tent. Sub is absolutely right about fans and growin, they should run 24/7. Those Monkey fans are cheap 2 years max ! You're goin about it the right way !! Happy growin

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          • I have a hurricane one 16 inch fan mounted to a wall in the grow room that is 7 years old, I bought 2 more in the last 3 years and they are usually dead in a year, the oscillator is usually the first to go.  I think Hurricane was bought out or started making them over seas a few years ago and they are not what they used to be so get the extended warranty if you buy one.

            I think I saw add on poles for tents on Amazon but I cant remember. A 1 X 4 and zip ties will work or you can make something more complicated if you want. Pipe hanger clamps usually fit the  tent poles, from there its tinker toy time

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            • hanks for all the info. the one i have is about ten years old and never had any problems so far knock on wood.lol

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              • Spider, I'm enclosing a pic of how I did mine.  I will also try to explain it.  So it's a piece of 1 X 12W X 36H (you need the 12" width or the fan don't oscillate right)  So I just put the mount on the wood so that the body of the fan would be about 4-6 inches from top of wood)  Then I just drilled some holes up top and put two heavy duty zip ties and put a ratchet strap like the ones for our grow lights and just attach it to the rear support and now the fan can be moved in unison as your canopy grows. not sure if you might need a little wider piece of wood, my fan is only about 13".  I hope you can understand this.  Happy growing.

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