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When you get a letter from Customs what does it say the reason is for confiscating the seed's? Seeds have almost no THC in them

    • It isn't about Cannabis, specifically, even though they do name the seeds.

      It's a law that prevents plants/ seeds from being brought in to the country, that may be carrying diseases, or may be an invasive species.

      "The Plant Protection Act (7 USC 7734) and "The Animal Health Protection Act (7 USC 8313)

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      • I did not know that, most states have laws that keep you from crossing into them with plants, firewood, etc. All the more reason for the supplier to get them where they need to be before they offer them for sale. Same with most things, if you order a car from overseas its on the seller to get it to the buyer, not a letter that says sorry your $100k car was confiscated by pirates but we will be happy to ship a new one for an additional $100k  

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      • I shit my pants my first letter peeking out the window after your 16th one not sure. RbtAsq do they give you gift cards for all your business, sure some of them pocketing some beans one for the trash one for them. 

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        • I knew a couple of Customs agents that worked the border in San Ysidro and they all had bars at home full of Mexican beers and alcohol. "We have to confiscate this and dispose of it because your over the legal limit" What they tell you is they are going to dispose of it a shot glass at a time. Assholes

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          • Bastards!!

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            • Most of them are foreigners, and not all speak clear English. My favorites were Asian agents that would ask in broken English "Why U Com This Country"? 

              One actually said "you will address me as Sir" hell no I wont and, technically you work for me and every other taxpaying citizen so you will address me as Sir! That cost me 2 hours in secondary but totally worth it  

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