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 Let your people know it's time to change the "stealth" shipping.

It sucks, it aint stealthy for shit, and I'm getting fucking tired of Customs taking my shit.

Then I have to jump through hoops to get y'all to replace the shipment.

"Gesture of good faith" my ass. How's about some "good faith" that our orders will arrive?

Look back at my order history, Jim. How many of those are re-ships, because your stealth shipping couldn't get past Customs? Too fuckin many, that's how many.

Once, "Ok, shit happens."

Twice, "Hmm, let's try a different method?"

6 fucking times???   Something's wrong. With y'all, for your "Stealth Shipping". And with me, for coming back when I know your orders don't clear Customs.


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    • Was just going to post and ask you if you got them I ordered mine on 22 February and still nothing that’s bullshit. Shame on me for expecting anything different. Come on Jim this is the age of Amazon you guys need to adjust or get left behind. BULLSHIT

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      • When you get a letter from Customs what does it say the reason is for confiscating the seed's? Seeds have almost no THC in them

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        • I dont suppose you have a link to that info do you?

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          • I haven’t spoke to them in a bit I will text him but I know the loophole for shipping is for educational purposes like a university or a school research project no issues ever.

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            • Damn I miss PM

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