Comment to 'healing benefits of weed'
  • I have Migraines so bad that I'm on disability for it.

    YES, weed helps. Not only with the pain, but with other symptoms as well. (nausea, irritability...)

    And, I've been smoking so much, for so long, I don't get "high".

    So, while some people may use a "condition" to justify smoking, there are a LOT of us out here that actually get relief from it.



    "ball point hammer"???  lol

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    • I don’t see how bc I’ve had severe epilepsy for the last 5 years, the pills I take for it are a about like valiums an was told by the disability office my condition does not count as a disability we’re so many people in America have it.

      they even had to put this in my chest. I can’t take my shirt off in public anymore bc of it or lift anything over 50 pounds.

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      • Sorry to hear that Man that really sucks 

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        • Epilepsy is not a disability , some body should experience a convulsion before they make up their minds . Josh , is that a pump they installed ?


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