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Well, Well......Well.

I had to create a new account due to the old one not working.

For past members I'm Mark46.

Now I'm BigM cannabis junky.

My last grow was Nebula, which was my 6th grow.

It turned out pretty good. Our of 4 plants I got 0.45 of a pound. Or about 11 to 12 Mason jars. I'm try a new setup this time. 2 independent 4×8×8 tents with 3000w in 1 and about 1600 in another.

The strains are Big Bud and Sour Diesel. Just started so 6 months from now should be joyfull.

I hope everyone is  well and I miss the feedback from others. So, happy, grow/harvest/....enjoy.


    • u should try some LST training is that an awful flower ??

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