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Easy way to get really high...edibles kind of.

Distillate syringes? I have a bunch of Almost Empty Vape cartridges with nothing but distillate left. What if you were to eat a bunch of distillate oil and then eat a fatty meal would you get high?

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    • I started out by warming up about 10 partially full Vape cartridges with a hair dryer. I am shooting for about a thousand mg. Next I remove top of cartridge and pour distillate onto chocolate bar, sandwich oil between two pieces of chocolate. Then I eat the chocolate bars and get the oil residue washed down with three pieces of cheese pizza. One hour later my stomach is cramping some and I am very high.😏😏😏

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      • i like the part about eating chocolate bars and then the part about eating pizza

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        • Yes. I have a high tolerance from vaping distillate. And I have never been able to get high on edibles, but I will keep trying . I have heard you get better absorption if eaten with a fatty meal.

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        • i dont let myself get low enough to have to do something like that.lol but i don't use vapes either. thats the good thing about growing your own. i have a couple fellow growers and we offset it to where if one is out one of the others has some to spare.

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          • The only things edibles do for me if I eat enough of them is fall asleep I would fill one with bunch of empty ones and smoke it or coat pre rolls with it, but your one of the most creative members in my opinion so I know you wont let us down.

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            • First I turned each cart down, and let it drain to the removable end. Second I gently warm the cartridges with a hair dryer, and all the oil runs to the end. Next I remove the tip and drain the liquid into my gummy mixture.

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            • edibles mainly just make me sleepy and then i wake up too high to do anything. and for me with cannabutter its very hit or miss. the decarboxylation window is very small!!

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              • i love edibles for helping sleep because of my neuropathy in my legs. some do over due it a little. wake up early and kind of feel overly high.

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                • I'm not going to lie I kind of enjoy waking up high.

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