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New trick for the Old Dog

 Ok, y'all...I finally did it, well, kind of.

Actually dropped the $$ for a "real" LED light. 

It's only a 300 watter, for the flood table, but it's a MAJOR leap for a die hard HPS guy like me. Especially when I've got a 600 watt HPS packed away I could use.

If it works out like I'm hoping, I'll be getting 3 more to replace the 2 1000 watt HPS on my big flower table.


Whatcha think? Hope I didn't waste my money...

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    • Looked REAL hard at Chilled, CPW.

      Chilled gives a square footprint, where the GLS has a rectangular one, better suited for what I need.

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      • welcome to the led world.let us know how well it does for you

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        • Its a big leap isnt it, I just hope the electric bill and the buds show it to be worth it

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          • DId you happen to notice how many amps your freeing up by switching to LED's. I could easily build a 2nd grow room with the amps I had tied up with HID's. 

            I am still trying to convince myself I did the right thing. 

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            • If I end up replacing my 2 1000's, it'll cut the watts in half, so it'll cut the amps in half, too. They're relative.

               Yeah, I'm nervous to see what my end result will be. $350 may not be much to all y'all with deep pockets, but it's a chunk out my poor old ass!!

              Mama won't be happy if I don't like it. She's already asking if I'm selling the HPS's!

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              • i am with u brother fixed income and on the low side at that i want 2 go LED in my flowering tent will start 2 save my coins again ......

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              • @ CPW if you get hung up with too many amps you can go to 220v. I always ran my lights HPS,MH,LED's on a 220 circuit so the amps for every thing else are freed up and sufficient with 110v . And I ain't no electrician. It also helps with peace of mind knowing if the 110 breaker trips, the lights will still work. We've all been there !

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