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Found a great article about flushing.  High Times also did a study years ago also, but I think this one is much more in depth and thorough.  Here's the link:



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    • Thanks Chinaman I'll check it out . I've been hearin a lot lately about how flushing doesn't do anything for the plant. Also, these same people are sayin that drying and curing is how you can bring out the max taste and smells. DUH !  

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      • Some of us are slow learners, and what is considered a long cure is directly related to how full your jars are, lol. A year cure really isnt that long in my opinion now. 

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      • Photoperiods stop taking in nutrients through the roots in water grows no matter what you feed them. I flush because I dont want to waste the nutrients since they wont be used anyway, but I do notice the Brix goes up if you flush so it should taste a little better and store for a lot longer. Bottom line for me is it doesn't hurt anything in a water grow. 


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        • Great reading article Ya I don’t flush never have never will feed them to the end 

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