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I'm having a soil issue that I'm hoping someone can help me correct. I use potting soil for my grows but for some reason this bag that I bought is infected with these really tiny looking flies. I've used a hydrogen peroxide mixture to try to kill them to using a dish soap mixture as well. Can anyone help me figure out how to kill these things without using harsh chemicals. Thanks for the help

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    • very common problem...sticky traps will help...put some white sifted sand ie. sandbox sand from 1/2" to 1" deep on top of your medium, which will keep them from laying eggs in the soil and will also prevent what eggs are in the soil from getting out and will die...they are aggravating for sure but really pose no problem to the grow if you put a halt to them...hope that helps...

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      • Top dress some Mosquito Bits into your soil, and water it in.

        Sounds like fungus gnats, from the seller storing your soil outdoors.

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        • i have used the Mosquito Bits b 4 they work very good i also got rid of soil 2 good move on my part .......

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        • Dry things out some if you can.  Go an extra day between watering.  Lots of air flow, the fly tape or yellow sticky traps will eliminate the adults. The larvae dry, dry, dry.  Get some diatomaceous earth and put it down to make a barrier like R's suggested with the sand, the diatomaceous earth does the same thing and kills any leftovers. Switch to coco coir and perlite. Go hydroponic, I did some years back and I have just had greaser buds and much faster growth, I understand the appeal of organic and if that's your jam, Rock it.

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