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24k Gold Still Alive

Well well.  Managed to screw this one up just like normal, but learning and fighting back!  Had these two doing great in veg then went on a couple day vaca w the fam.  Had automated water machine screw up and fill my runoff trays, even though my soft pots were sitting on 3/4” risers, bags sat in water for 2-3 days.  SMH 


After several weeks of nursing them back, I flipped them 11 days ago.  Showing good flower action so on we go! 

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    • They look like they need a sulfur boost. Epsom salt should do the trick. 1 teaspoon/gal don't overdo it. 

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      • Thanks Chubbs!  Greatly appreciate the response!!

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      • Sarge no worries mine all feed that way! It's the change from an all dry to a wet root feeding makes them well not happy for a few.

        I start root feeding  when they are small so they don't have a drastic change to make when they get put on the autopot feed system

        Autopots flood the tray as the plant feeds so it looks like they are sitting in an inch of water all the time. A look more often will show that it drains pretty well between floods, but those  roots are acting like they wood in a water culture, wet all the time in the lower inch or so of the pot acts and act an  awful lot like Deepwater culture, sort of.

        So no worries drain it or let it drink it either way those girls will be fine. Just upset their feeding was changed is all, having to grow different roots to acount for being really wet can be a such a hassle.

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        • Nice work staying with them Sarge, no doubt you will pull it off. 

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          • Mark D. That's a interesting take on Sarge's plants. When you can bring the "been there done that" to the table, that's what it's all about ! It also makes sense. He,he,he So will the plant totally recover ? Peace

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