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When you make a hybrid strain of weed, you really don't know exactly what that hybrid will be like !!! Sure, you have hopes and dreams ...he,he,he but anyway, I was GIVEN one Blue Dream seed, from a guy that knows weed.  I grew it out, and it was a M! I crossed it OD, with a Ghost Train Haze F- Rare Dankness Seeds .  Blue Ghost was born...he,he,he  Today, I smoked a couple pipe hits of the F-1, I just harvested a few weeks ago. WOW... It passed the 2 hit test, and I'm high as F.... !! It's top shelf weed, even for the heavy daily smokers !!!  Oh yeah, I almost forgot why I posted this... do you homies think that because I was given the BD seed, that I can't honestly call the hybrid BLUE GHOST. It could be WHITE Ghost...he,he,he  I'd like to see a # system used for classification of new weed strains. The name game has gotten out of hand ! Blue Ghost buds in pic. Peace 

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    • I agree

      SF is great and all but not everyone uses it and it's a great foundational tool to get hybridization under wraps. A central repository of seed lore

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      • That's a hell of a genetic line you got there! Sounds like it could take your head right off! Lol. Really nice looking buds!

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        • Blue Ghost looks like some killa smoke. Congrats on your creation.

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          • Sounds like a winner to me and as for the integrity of the strain name, I say you nailed it 

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