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What up homies @ ...ChAs, I could never get by the strain name, "Green crack" either ! Well, what a fricken time of the year for OD growers. I sexed out 3 strains, that were fems already. Pretty funny !!!! I'm ready for May.  Did I see a Sub comment yesterday ?  Hulkster got me thinkin about WP homies who had a shitload of grow experience, and just split ? Remember it's a rule now when you leave WP, you have to tell why, and be honest....he,he,he ! Inquiring minds want to know WHY !  Did Sub ever say why he left ?? Cool nights, 70 degree days, and a big fat spliff at sundown !!! PEACE The pups love the feel of good dirt !!

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    • i don't think he's left I have seen posts. while he hasn't been "active" like before, he has been dropping by

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      • Someone is using his name and the picture of Opie looks legit but 106.5 FM could be almost anyplace. I do know once you ask for your name to be deleted its up for grabs. Someone took AllenPro and ScrewStick when I left before



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        • It’s a shame really…So much talent that moved on. BUT WHY? Chubby very few of them told us why, BigRuss had to take care of his wife for awhile hope they are doing good, some we can figure out why. For me my biggest issue aside from not getting an alert when someone responds to a post or questions is people now take suggestions which could be wrong personally. They get butt hurt about it. Should I tell you your doing a great job stressing the plant out? Then there is the inevitable factor if not everyone is going to get along….,big freakin deal it happens, no reason to leave. If you don’t like them tell them and move on. What’s so hard about that. Not sure maybe I’ll get good enough all I have to do is post my glorious grows and brag to my 4 friends about it and nothing else….,but I doubt it. 

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          • a lot of them told me why but who am i to tell others, i think it does not matter what the reason is, if they decide to do it their own way no matter the reason we have to accept it


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