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24k Gold Update

The girls are coming along nicely since my last post. Topped both of them this morning and am very happy with the thickness of stems and low height.  Trying very hard to keep these on the right path, and take the great help I’ve gotten on here and put it to work!  Hope everyone has a great day!

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    • Looks very indica, who is the breeder? 

      I would put a riser under that plant, it looks like its sitting in runoff

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      • These came from the seed bank.  Very fast shipping and easy to order.  Hope they will be good, wanted something different on this go.

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      • Looking good Sarge. Good eye CPW, my trays have grooves in bottom not that that matters it really depends on how you water. Sarge to you water till tray fills with water? I am probably guilty of underwatering cause i usually water till it starts coming out bottom during slow pour.

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        • I slow pour, typically 4-5 second count then switch plants, and I’m splitting 1 gallon between the two.  Gives me about an 1/8” of run off in my tray. About an hour after watering the runoff has been absorbed back into the pot. 

          Sprinkle me with some more knowledge!!  I really appreciate it


          if you guys prefer a riser for the pots I’ll cut some today out of 1/2” marine starboard

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