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Meet the clones

I have a few more clones going still but I conclude I have more clones than I reasonably need by now.

The one to the left in the airpot is my latest and hopefully last victim of LEDs being too close. Its recovering nicely though.

The biggest one is not a clone and is the so called weird one, I trimmed away all the weird parts and I think she look ok. I am pretty sure she is a victim of LED abuse as well. 


Are there any  reason to put her into flower together with her sister already in flower, in regards to any difference in THC/CBD, effects, etc. Or should I assume that it will probably be a negligible difference. 



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    • size maybe, but no difference that I can think of would affect quality of the product if taken care of properly.

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      • Congrats on the clones, as D mentioned not going to effect quality but unless your seeing signs of preflower I would veg them out 

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        • Cloning is addictive as hell and once you see how easy it is to get them to root its like every cutting you toss is a 100% loss of potential. I am frugal that way

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