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Here we go again

They took a little longer than usual to open up, but seem to grow vigorously enough afterward. will see in the next few days, i hate the first two weeks from germination always worried something bad happen to them.

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    • I hate starting seeds, more than rooting clones. I'm like a nervous father in the delivery waiting room, pacing and wringing my hands.  lol

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      • yeah same no stress with starting some clones, but starting seeds always make me anxious and nervous the first two weeks

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      • Germination is where I need to improve. Everyone knows how to crack a bean, but I’m going to invest in a germination box with vents. Couple of things I’d like to change, I always have issues keeping humidity up and I would rather do a box than make whole grow room with my lights over 80% humidity.

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        • I pretty much follow Pipemans method with rapid rooters, if I drop a seed in Rockwool its pretty much a death sentence to the seed even if it has popped. I just rooted some Blueberry and Pineapple Express cuttings in rapid rooters, I didnt want to break out my home made aero cloner for just 4 cuttings. The blueberry was an after thought so I just cut them and stuck them in rapid rooter. The Pineapple Express cuttings got a double dose of clonex, Azos, of course the blueberry showed roots after 7 days    

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        • If the seeds are strong it's sooooo much easier ! TBS... Pipes has his methods down pat ! Can't go wrong takin his advise !!!

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