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How about that germination?

What up wp?

I really don't post as much as I used to but I've been seeing this come up a few times last past few weeks.

Just wanna put my two cents into this germination thing.

Most of you new guys really over think this thing and providing you can get a room, temps above 70, heat mat, prop tray with a dome, it's all you really need to get a seed growing. Forget about that rapid Start, mycos, great white, that's all for the next step. You just need what I just mentioned and you'll produce! 

I start my seeds in moistened rapid rooter cubes, pointy end of seed up, before I put that dome on I spray the cube and seed good, spray my dome then 24hrs later I open the vents on the humidity dome, 5 days later I have a nice tap root and we are ready to rock!

You new guys, don't over think this step. It's the easiest step in growing cannabis.


Here's a seed that was put up 5 days ago with just plain H2O.

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    • Dailed in!!

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      • Easy but vital !!

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        • Agree it’s over thought sometimes. Even if you don’t have a dome you can put a sandwich bag over your cup or container .

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          • I copied that method from Pipes years ago and Rapid rooters for me just about every time, sometimes I drop them in a small cup of FF or coco, sometimes I will drop them older seeds in a cup of water to make sure they are viable and then if they dont pop in 48 hours I put them in RR's and they still pop I just dont get to see it. 

            For me dropping a seed in Rock Wool is death sentence for the seed.

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