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Whats Up Heads, Morning

Whats up my fellow growers just wanted to say, Wake and Bake and I hope everyone is having a good morning so far. Sorry I havent made any kind of post in the past few weeks but it has been busy around here with Christmas and New Years... Hope you all had a good Holiday. Oh I was going to say if I dont have any of you on my friends list I would love to have you so send me a request or let me know I will send you one :) ..I am getting ready to get going you guys can suggest what I start with if you want, these are all Autos Gorilla Cookies, Gelato, Blackberry Gum, Zkittlez, and Bubblelicious. let me know what u guys think I should go with????


(AKA Boothslinger)

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    • i say blackberry gum as i never saw that strain coming by before, after that i vote bubblelicious as i like how she grows normally.

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      • Thanks Jim and yes I agree with you on the Bubblelicious I have cropped it many times before just not a auto

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      • who is the blackberry gum from?

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        • that is from seedstockers and I went through Herbies to get them they are a affiliate of Nirvana

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        • Gorilla cookies for me but can’t go wrong with that selection I’m glad holidays are over going to be couple weeks before I get going again. Looking forward to your updates of whatever you  decide 

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          • Gorilla Cookies Autoflower, got a baby just peeking out of the coco loco. Picture are my first Gorilla Cookies grow.

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