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Looks like my seedling have problems ridding its shell. I have three in total with this problem. Leave it? Do something? 

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    • Here the others, last one is fine but I started germinating them at the same time. 

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      • "Micro surgery" The ones with the leaves stuck together.

        Gotta get that membrane off. Once the cotyledon can open up, the shell will fall off, if it hasn't already.

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        • Careful with those, sometimes if you dont do anything they will cut the Cotyledon leave off against the edges of the seed pods. If they stay like that for a day I usually use a couple of tooth picks to pry them apart and sometimes if your not careful taking the seed pod off that will cut the Cotyledon. You need a hymidity dome over your seeds and then you probably wont have that problem

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          • Thanks I will perform some surgery right away!


            I am using a dome, maybe it is because the seeds are very old?

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            • Could be

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              • Do you have a heat mat under there? The walls of the dome are usually wet I would close the vent for now and that will boost the humidity.  I usually soak my old seeds for a coouple of days and if they dont open I may scarf them abd then and then drop the in a rapid rooter. If I dont see signs of life after 3 days I toss them. 

                I love how the one on the cover is sticking its tonge out at you. LOL

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                • I discarded the dome last night after I finally managed to get a humidifier running via a SHT-2000. Its only going so so with seedlings, one is doing great. The one sticking its tongue out at me looks like it is growing, I tried to carefully help it along with a tweezer but not much happened. The two others I am doubtful will make it, but we will see. Next week I should get new seeds and those are the ones I actually want to grow. Hopefully they will be more responsive than these ones.  



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