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Seeds on sale this week?

I was about to order seeds for medical purposes, to be more specific it is for neuropathic pain / IBS like issues.


I have decided on  critical CBD and probably one called Aurora... something, the shop is down right now so I cant check. I am pretty set on trying the Critical CBD but I am more than willing to try something else for my second strain. 


I will go for feminized and I will also get some introduction seeds, Somango that sounded promising. 


Oh, any chance there is a black friday sale? If so, I might wait a few days. 


I appreciate input on this if possible!

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    • i just checked and the shop link werks for me..their is a Black Friday sale on right now it says..several are 1+1 (buy one get one free) and a few are discounted prices

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      • Yup its back! Thank you.


        I was also advised to check out cannatonic CBD btw.

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      • It’s not a secret I highly advise Aurora especially for pain control. It’s one that I will grow every year!

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        • Ok, Thats good advise! Have tried others? Someone you would not recommend? When I read about the different strains, they always all sounds so great. 

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        • they musta been werkin on update here in shop link...looks like all the strains are now BOGO free

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          • Yeah I was just about to order but I am having some minor bank issues so it didnt go through, should be resolved by tomorrow.


            Cannatonic was sold out though. since I messed up my first order I also seem to have messed up the 5 free Somango seeds. But life goes on.


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            • When you ordered Nortenos just send a ticket to support telling you missed out on the free somango seeds because your order diddnt go true and now you cant use the code anymore then i am sure alice will include them for you.

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              • Thats great, thank you!

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