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Garden Update

Been a bit since my last update.  Had some weird things on the get go with this run.  Seems seedlings went into a suspended animation for about a month, smh.  After repotting them and switching to my RO water things have improved.  Running Chocoloupe, Super Lemon Haze, Strawberry Cough, and one Unkown that turned out to be a girl!!  Not to forget the chocoloupe plant my buddy gave me for a litmus test, when I was having problems with my seedlings.  Put my scrog net in the flower tent and will have to make a decision soon to flip my veg tent due to plants growing nicely!!  


Ive got the hang of my PPM pen and Ph with RO water now and seems I haven't managed to Piss these girls off yet!!!  Running close to 70% of notes off the Aurora Feed Schedule to get the PPMs where I like.  Also keeping better notes on each nute fed, ph and ppm on each feeding.  If it wasn't for the help Ive gotten from the great people on here Id still be screwing up!!!

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      • I bet it will turn out to be a fantastic grow!

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        • Learn everyday bruh ! The plants will tell ya something everyday ! Sometimes it's leave us alone ! 

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          • Hey Sarge good to see you back, unfortunate you had some setbacks but looks like you got them all fixed. Great job.  I noticed some of the pots look like they dont have perlite some do do you add any to your soil?

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            • Great Eye!!!  Some have more than others and one has what came in it.  Wasn't happy w drainage last go so mixed some added small perlite in and will have notes on which produced better!!  Setbacks have been the greatest teacher.  Just looking for a few less, hahaha

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