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grow lights

Hello everyone,

I want to buy grow lights for my 4x8 grow tent, I Started with energy savers, went to HID for better and cost efficient grow, but a lot of mistakes in my last grow, plus in my starting of flowering time one of my 1000 watt HIDs Ballast froze,  i did what i could added two 300 watt led flood lights, but werent looking good , and one of them isnt working anymore, i realize it is very important to have good and trustworthy lights, thats why i am thinking about spider farmer se 1000, what do you guys think?

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    • I run 4 sf1000 in my 4x4 no problems

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      • You get by with 4 sf 1000, in 4x4 tent, meaning I should consider having more for 4x8, but I have an ac installed on a wooden stand that takes 2 feet, and 2 of my plants started to die, because of the direct cold air intake, in my last grow, I had to place a piece of heavy plastic on ac and lower down fans direction   because the mixture of cold air and hot air from hids were creating humidity near bulb And bulbs were kinda leaking glass, so I guess I m left with 4x6 to focus on, which normally 800 watt new leds are recommending using in 5x5, and this might do a better job than hids, because overall I required 2000 watt of hids for my tent size , and due to failure of ballast , I had only one working and additional 2 flood led were no good at all, so maybe I m able to fly this ,  I am not a great pilot but I have flown before some old jets, what do you reckon 2 500 , or 1 1000, or as one another said, 2 se 7000

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        • you prolly no longer need to use the AC if switching from HID to LED.

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          • But if you still need:want to keep tha AC and work with 4x6 you can go for:

            1 SE7000 (4x4) 1 SF2000 (2x3) 1 SF 1000 (2x1)

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          • As you can see Rocket everyone has their own light preferences and they are all the best. I am sure as long as it fills the general outline of the lights we all use, you'll be fine. Go for the best you can afford.  You won't  be disappointed. Remember the best isn't always expensive.  Look at results. What plants look like under what lights. Usually there are photos of finished plants and the lights they grow under.

            Me? I would find out what pipes uses and go with that.

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            • thanks a lot, how do i find pipes


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            • 2 se7000 should be enough for 4x8

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              • 2 will be more expensive, since se 1000 is for 4x4 with co2, other wise all others are saying their  800 watt is good for 5x5, since i think spider is better than mars or any other, 1000 watt should do the trick, plus i have an ac inside the tent, on wooden stand it takes 2 foot atleast, and anything under or very close is definitely dying , killed 2,

                are you using se7000

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                • i switched to LED few weeks back because i had some heavy heat issue in summer with my HPS 250W, so i replaced it with a spiderfarmer SF2000 200W in my 90x60x180(2x3x6) tent.

                  for 4x8 i would go either with 2 sf4000 or better 2 se7000, se1000 don't seem to be adapted with your tent size imho

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                • Welcome to weedportal Rocket 

                  for a 4x8 id use 2 Spiderfarmer SF4000s or 7000s for a little extra

                  or 2 HLG Scorpions. spiderdog35 just bought his third one!!


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                  • Thanks

                    se 1000 is better than sf 1000, HLG are old i think, not tryna be expert what do u think ???

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                  •  a lot of growers say get the best light U can afford so i did finally [on a fixed n come] plus mama said i could now after thinking bout it i can say i hope i can grow 2 the full potential of these lights i will consider myself a very good grower  and that is what i would like 2 b there r so many great growers here great place 2 learn all ways something go on !!!!  my 2 cent .. 

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                    • Thanks a lot

                      what is my 2 cent

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