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Splitting of main branches, Myth or Science?

Dear All,

As you might be aware I decided to throw all techniques, magic and myths with my Glookies and so I topped, lollipoped, super-cropped and LSTed the heck out of her to the point I reached what I would like to discuss:

Do you know if splitting does really affect the planting by dividing the nutritional apport the same principle as bending or slightly traumatizing the branch is supposed to produce more resin???

Let me know your thoughts!!! Anyways, I did split the main branches and it looks kinda like a lord of the rings plant but we shall see if the buds will be affected positively!!!

Dont Panic its Organic!!!! 

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    • The stem splitting I am familiar with is basicly splitting the stem at the base but leaving it in tack. I tried it a few times in side by side grows and it didnt do squat, neither did extending the dark period before harvesting, Harvesting before the lights come on did make a positive difference. I guess you soil growers have to get up pretty early for that. LOL




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      • CPW thanks for the feedback!

        For me things that worked were:

        increasing a bit the amount of P

        increasing light exposure

        shocking plant with icy water

        no watering 2-3 days before

        giving molasses

        harvesting early morning 

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        • Cool

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        • I've never tried splitting my stalks but I do pinch and and roll my stalks to bruise them. Ive noticed a difference I'm my bud size.

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          • Thanks Ron!

            What you are describing is called in the marijuana jargon: Super Cropping

            I have done that on my branches as well…lets see if the magic happens! 

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            • I hope all the magic is yours my friend! 

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              • Hope so! Wish I could be able to téléporte my persian fruits to all members of the weed portal!

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              • Thanks for running and posting your experiments PF !! I found this several years ago . 

                During the nighttime hours, our ladies are busy storing food down in their root system that they made during the daylight hours. During “lights out,” starches and sugars produced by photosynthesis during the day drain downward to the roots. Knowing this, it is easy to figure out that you want to cut your plants away from the roots before the lights come on, when food moves back upward into the buds.

                Outdoor herb is often harvested during the daytime hours and the result is a harsh, difficult burn and an extra long cure. The starches and sugars present in daytime-harvested herb act like fire retardants—not the effect we’re looking for. In addition to tasting and burning bad, these fire retardants also change the chemical make up of the smoke you’re ingesting. This means that the THC, cannabinol, and other active cannabinoids can’t burn at the perfect temperature to get you properly high because they haven’t properly converted to their psychoactive forms.

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                • Chubby my bro!

                  Thanks for your kind and encouraging words!

                  Most of all thanks for this invaluable outdoor input! I knew that I to chop in the dark but thanks for educating me Sifu, Sensei or Ganja Guru!

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                • @PF, for OD plants harvest in the morning twilight . It doesn't have to be pitch black .

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