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anyone on here reuse there coco? if so do you rinse and add calmag to it before using it? or just make sure the old roots are out of it and plant back in it?

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    • I reuse my coco...I make my coco in a container like in the picture...I spread the metal screen over the container and pour my used coco on top of the screen...You can spread it with your hand and tap the screen and the good stuf goes through the screen and the roots get caught by the screen...Make since?

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      • looks like a good idea. do you re condition it with calmag?

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        • I do not...But I do add Biochar, Worm Castings, Mycorrhizal Fungi and some more pearlite....

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        • I reuse it from time to time and I sift it through a small pan with a mesh like Rick uses. I use a bit of cal/mag and some WP mykos in PH'd water, more perlite is a good idea too. Worm Castings sound interesting, a little extra N for veg, I may try that next time.


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          • I have reused coco.I did pretty much the same thing as Rick. I have switched to coco loco now and so far I have not reused any yet but I do have it set aside to reuse. 

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