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grrr. another sleepless night.

DWC is so easy, for anyone who wants to try it, just get a 5 gallon bucket a net pot lid to fit it, if light get's through the bucket, spray paint the "outside only" black, or cover it with foil, next you'll need a medium to hold the plant in place. most people use rockwool and clay pellets, next get a air pump and a 4" inch air stone. roots love them air bubbles! that's the easy part. next get good nutrients for hydroponics. advanced nutrients is best for any beginner, you really don't need to Ph using advanced nutrients. but learn how to Ph it's important to know how. and you'll need cal-mag, get a good brand. botanical cal-mag plus. if you don't need it it's always good to have around, plants love that too! think that's about it, it's so easy! try it you'll love it! if you need help weedportal is here with all the helpful advice you'll need.

Damn it really sounds like I know this stuff. 

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    • one more thing about a pump a single pump is only good for one bucket. most come with a T to split it in two, it's not strong enough for two 5 gallon buckets, will work in two small containers for seedlings and clones. clones don't need it till they start growing roots.

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      • Thats not true, I have a single pump making bubbles in 7 totes and they do fine, so does the Kratky methods as Sub has proven. What will kill your plants every time in no air gap, roots got no gills.

        You need to let an indica go a couple weeks past ripe to 70% amber and dont drink anything with caffeine in it after 6 hours or more before bed time. My body clock is on an 30 day so I use sleep aid combo of Markers Mark and Weed

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        • if you like DWC try it without a stone! its even simpler than you think! Hydroponic growing is 100s of years old! way before airpumps were around. we just didnt realize it

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