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The delicious tent.

So first off these are all looking like female.

The two in the back unknown kush x black domina the two in the front unknown kush x lavender.

In the back two totally different  phenotypes but I like the bigger one. Smells real good but the vigor is amazing! In the front the little one on the left well it was dropped during transplant all coco knocked off just a cube with roots and a seedling but this fucker came back strong! Also different  from the one next to it but I like them both.

This tent is where it's gonna happen. That male spartan and 3 other females are gonna get it on. I'm looking for one more plant so I just wanna see what happens with the shepards pie.

Gonna be some plant moving this week!!!

On a side note, spectrum king lighting has really got it done for me! Totally blowing kind led out of the water! Grow after grow! When flowering with kind you really need to keep defoliating to get light into that inner core. Oh if the tops get too close to your kind led, like anything under 24", your gonna bleach your shit! 


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    • Very nice, is that the SK403? 


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      • No that's the kind but I don't have a 403 yet. Some time this year I'm gonna buy a few of them. I'm still using the 402  but I'm using 3 of them.

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        • Santa got me either a new light or a new smoker. But I'm leaning towards a new smoker

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        • Hope everything goes smoothly . If Santa brings you a new smoker, I might just have to roll a fatty, and come pay you a visit !! Are you still in the north east or in Florida ? GL

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          • The wife got me a smoker 3 years ago and said play with this for a couple of years and if you do good I'll get you a better one. So I went from a Weber smokey mountain to  traeger ironwood. love smoking meat and my Mac & cheese on the smoker is next level brother!

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            • Smokers are hard to beat! We grill or smoke probably 3 times a week. I smoked the Thanksgiving turkey for about 3 hours before finishing it in the oven, makes the taste hard to beat! On a separate note, the plants look fantastic! You always set the bar around here, imo!

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            • Northeast brother. Florida blows! 

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