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Happy Thanksgiving

I spent the majority of my life a long way away from family and it can weigh on you this time of year if your away from home or someone you care about is away. I hope everyone is as lucky as I have been over the years and is given the chance to share the warmth and tradition of a different family and friends that have opened their home and hearts to them. Thank you all.

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    • Happy Thanksgiving my friend!

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      • You too Bob.

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      • Fir the last 25 years it's been homemade ravioli and meatballs plus Turkey ham and Italian hand made desserts my wife's Italian family I have been blessed we had some f RH friends over who moved down from Nebraska and have no family down here there kid is friends with our kids but they said it was the best Thanksgiving ever and told the wife how good it felt to bring that joy to another family that was awesome. Hope you had a good one this year

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        • That is a beautiful thing, I heard a story on the radio last week about a grandmother that thought she was texting her son about coming to thanksgiving dinner but miss dialed and got some guy that was on his own, now years later that guy still has thanksgiving dinner with that family. Thats what its all about and should be every day. 

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          • Ours was great btw, thanks. 

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