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For microbes, this stuff is the shit!

I've been using this stuff for awhile now and I have to say this shit really improved my grows! I use the original formula thru veg then switch to the bloom formula throughout flower.

I started using the lumina amino acids last grow on a free sample impello sent me. I liked it so much just bought a 2-250ml bottles at $30 a piece for this new grow I have going. Feed this stuff from the beginning of the grow to 2 weeks before harvest. Wanna try something new? Give this stuff a shot!

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    • Cool gonna check it thanks Pipes

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      • thanks for the pro tip! all of those microbials are expensive so i may give that a shot this round. 30 bucks is fairy cheap considering. thats whats great about weedportal is pro tips like this!!

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        • I use the original but I have not tried the bloom yet. It's pricey but worth it IMO. I also use an Amino Acid and a Humic Acid from Kelp for less but I will give theirs a shot next time. Its been a hard lesson for me to learn but you cant do enough for roots. 

          Now when I change the res I run nothing but root supplements for a day or 2 and then I go back and add nutrients. Its an easy way to do a root drench for hydro. Seems to work really well until I do something stupid 

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