Planning a SOG

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    • Good luck...I failed miserably last time I tried it...

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      • I know it goes against all reason but did you see how I did the small tent? it's using a version of the autopot they all get the same food on a ebb and flow. one big tray. looks like they are sitting in water all the time. because they are. Perlite in the bottom of the pots(2-3 cm/ 1" ) keeps the roots from getting rot or worse. acts a little like deep culture.

        say what you will but it works great if you can keep it clean from critters and from getting too humid.

        One reason I think it worked really well with the 2x2 is the pots are packed in close not much evaporation space between the pots. I have had a hell of a time in the 2x4 keeping humidity down because the spacing between the plants is larger. more evaporation. may have to devise a skirt or way to limit that in the future if I go with this layout in the 2x4 again.

        cheers and hope to follow along on this adventure


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        • I think it was the late Rodney King that said, " ...cant we all just get real fucking high?"

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          • interesting grow setup Mark D!! very cool!

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          • Here's some shots. They have been on 12 hrs for 9 and started flower 7 wks

            It was wp suggested act as didn't know what to do with them. Turns out a great idea!

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            • Oh yes I'm staying tuned to this one. If anyone can pull it off its you Booze. Keep us posted

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              • Thanks for the discussion! like i said this is in the planning stage and i just ordered my seed from Dank! Northern Lights, 7-8 week flowering time. 

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