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Whooaa Okay, NirvanaShop resolved my problem. They are so cool. They actually created new order completely free. WOW even though there was 10% discount on my first order. I wasn't ready for that ♥ homies got my heart.

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Sometimes international post doesn't work for every country or sellers doesn't ship for your country for that situations there are companies that have office or warehouse in European countries or in US, you can write their address in shipping address when you are buying something and when they get your order in their warehouse then they send your parcel in your country with personal service. In this situation I ordered seeds in their GERMANY's address and it turned out that somebody already used that address before me for NirvanaShop and just because it was same address they thought it was me again. 

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are you kidding me ? XD so just because I use same address that someone used before that means I already bought something ? I'm from Georgia and I use shipping forwarding company and every user from that company uses same address.

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Hello homies, I need some help.
2 weeks ago, I saw that x2 seeds promo on NirvanaShop and ordered AK-48 regular (5) and Critical regular (5) with crypto. I received my order 3 days ago, but I opened it and there were no doubled seeds only what I have ordered. Did I miss something ? or they actually fooled me ? 

The haze is about 5' tall, both my cali orange is closing in on 4'. If you look at the leaves on the haze you'll see how thin they are.

I have 2 zkittlez about 6' bro! I don't know what happened  but I added one light and spread out the foot print and everything went crazy! And that's 6' in a 2 gallon fabric pot lol!

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Hello homies, I need some help.2 weeks ago, I saw that x2 seeds promo on NirvanaShop and ordered AK-…
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