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the un seen problem

Hey Folks,

Is it possible for a seed to carry a disease or virus or does it have to contract something after it starts to develop ? I'm not saying this plant is diseased, but this is how it started as a young plant( the discoloration).And it died..... so did the 5 others that were with it. That has NEVER happened to me before. I mean ....these plants were beautiful , then it seams like over night they all died. I know I should have quarantined the one , but ....hind sight..you know.

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    • Yea I don't think a seed can carry a disease...

      This is the only thing that looks similar to what you had...

      Zinc deficiency on cannabis plants cause the top leaves to turn yellow

      The most common reason growers will see a zinc deficiency is when the pH at the roots is too high. Zinc tends to get locked at higher pH levels and is better absorbed by the plant in a more acidic root environment.

      The truth is, most cannabis growers don’t need to add more zinc in response to a zinc deficiency!

      In fact, most growers have actually already given plenty of zinc to their cannabis plants since it is found abundantly in most tap water. If you’re using quality soil or cannabis-friendly nutrients, you probably don’t need to worry about adding more zinc. In general, zinc deficiencies are more likely to appear when a grower is using heavily filtered or reverse osmosis (RO) water to feed plants since any zinc has been removed, but pH is a much more common reason growers see zinc deficiencies in their cannabis plants.

      I got this off of GWE...

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      • Steveo I had a Tangie plant with this same discoloration it did not die bud buds did not fill out at all.just fluffy..mine was grown in coco so don't know if that where the problem arose

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          • For a Zn deficiency always ad Fe too !! This plant is ugly AF !!

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            • thats crazy! so you had multiple plants do the same thing? Soil is s damn complex! is it older soil? what ind of nutrients are you feeding if any? If it is a Zinc deficiency, Zinc is  a micronutrient.

              Heres a thought: Are you using tap water, perhaps?

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              • I use spring water with a 23 PPM. I use GH flora trio nutes ( 1/2 strength with cal mag. 6.0 ph . Coco coir / Perlite.

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                • thanks for your response steveo

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                • not a sollution to your problem but just an answer on your question if a seed can carry a disease or virus..

                  some fungal spores can survive on the seed coat and infect the plant upon germination (examples include fusarium spp. and pythium spp.)

                  bacteria (like pseudomonas spp. and xanthomonas spp.) can also be seed-borne and infect the young plant

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                  • As Arte Johnson would say very very interesting...

                    Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In (1967)

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