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Hey good people,

It's been awhile , but I'm getting back into DWC. My first plant , 8 years ago was DWC and I did really well after some research and cussing. My last grow ...in air pots was a total disaster , but that's a whole different story. I don't  know if its like riding a bike... you never forget ? Well I've forgotten alot . I'm germinating ( with tap root ) right in the bucket.I usually keep my res. temp at 68 degrees when it has roots... but what about a young plant trying to develop roots ? What about lighting ? CFLs or complete dark ? I added a very light dose of cal mag and 1/4 dose of micro,gro, and bloom. Should I stay with just water this early ? I have grown Super Skunk more than anything else but this grow I'm going with Chemdawg.     Any advice ? I know there's some DWCer's in here. 

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    • Run plain, phed water until your first bucket change, then start mild nutes.

      CFLs work well for seedlings.

      Until the roots drop, keep your water level up to the bottom of your netpot.

      I recommend Hydroguard, or an equivalent.

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      • Keep an eye on your ph.

        6.0-6.7 range


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        • I would start with some Rapid Start from General Hydroponics. A little Calmag is fine but i prefer Rapid Start.

          CFLs or T5 is excellent for starting seeds but you wont need light til your seedlings pop.

          I would use a dripper or a shot glass to feed the seedling by hand every day or so til they sprout. Are your airstones clean and putting out bubbles? Check that. if theres a Hydro store near by, new air stones are cheap

          I like your oil change buckets

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          • This is the reason I like this Portal. Everybody develops their own ways of growing in Dwc here. That just shows me there is more than one way to be successful at this. ❤

            My light from start to finish is a 730w led w/controller. I use a quantum par meter to do this as well.. I usually run 200-245 μmol/m2/s for my seedlings . I have not burnt a plant up yet...notice I use the word yet lol.            I use general hydroponics  nutrients (cheaper vs some others. )   I get good results from it                                I like a ph range of 6.0 to 6.3 . In my grows if the ph goes up higher than 6.5ish she starts to yellow and is not happy.                                                                                                                                                                      I tried cooling my water down but I live with 71-73f  I use hydroguard and Sensizyme . I use dechlorinated tap water

            I take a seedling that is usually 2 days old or when I see the root just poke out of the rockwool and put it in the net.                                                                                                                                                    

            Those are the things I do along with what has been said                          

            Happy growing Steveo

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            • If youve done DWC before, you should do fine! DWC rocks and its pretty simple. What brand of nutrients are you using? seems like GH? Just curious. GH is excellent, Canna is great and Advanced Nutrients is very decent.  Are you starting back with fresh bottles of nutrients or are they several years old?  Make sure you shake the bottles before using and remember that less is more also there is an order in which to mix the nutrients.

              This, you should already know but im just covering the bases since its been a while

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              • your seeds pop yet?

                looking forward to getting you going! wink

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