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Hey folks, hope you are doing great!

I wanted to ask people for some advice. I have some concerns around what and how I am growing my seeds.

On 2023-05-06 I started the germination for 3 OG Kush and 2 Girl Scout Cookies. The germination period was a success (using Jiffys) and the five of them were transplanted to individual pots. I noticed that the stem of some of the them has grown significantly and without enough strength to keep the plant straight. Attached is a photo of one that is almost dead (if not already). The others are a bit better, but have been struggling as well

All of them are on exterior, with a lot of direct sunslight and being watered 2 times a day (not much water, I am just throwing enough to keep the soil wet througout the day given that it is ~30 degrees celsius during the day).

What could be the issue?


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    • Attaching the others here.

      Also, on 2023-04-30 someone gifted me a Grease Monkey on its youth (~1 or 2 weeks), but has not seen much growth since I received it (that person has shown me photos of the ones she kept and they are twice the size!).

      Probably I am making a newbie mistake, but not sure what it could be. Too much sunlight? Too much or not enough water?

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      • Your soil must be too wet, because you're a victim of damping off.

        What kind of soil are you using, and how wet are you keeping it?

        Hard to call them leggy from lack of light, since they're OD plants. But...

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        • The surviving plants need to be buried, almost to the cotyledon. Then sprinkle cinnamon all over the top of your soil. The cinnamon will prevent damping off.

          And go easy on the water.

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          • i think this one that fell over is done for...sorry to say...RbtAsq has a good answer for this

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            • Look at the basics

              Is your water good ? pH, no chlorides, ppm correct for its growth? How much do you let it run off? 

              It's outside are the temps good? Sounds like if your friends are doing well the temps are ok.

              Have you compared notes on your techniques with your friend? Just asking since you said their plants are well and yours not so much

              Look closer at the basics light, temp, water quality nutrients should not be a concern if your in soil.

              Hope this helps

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              • Never seen 1 survive damping off... the guys have great answers just read and learn...

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                • emergency treatment could include, peroxide solution followed by rooting powder compound and burying to the cotyledons in a nice well draining soil mix. maybe? no?🤔

                  hey if you want ideas, even bad ones, you've come to the right place 😄

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                  • I would make sure there is suffecient drainage holes in bottom of pot, try watering every other day when young then slowly let the pot dry out some before you water this makes the roots search for the water, bigger the roots bigger the fruits, I like to use fiber pots or plastic so I can lift and gauge how dry by the weight of the pot. It's weed and grows like it. Sometimes we do less trying to do more let her go a bit and as they get older let the leaves start to droop before you water. Good luck with it.

                    Also you said seed was already sprouted when you received was it sprouted inside or outside if inside next time keep in shade for a couple of days it will still get light but will harden to the great outdoors

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                    • Let them dry out a little. The GSC look ok . A fan would strengthen the stems too. Tuff road to hoe for you, but don't give up . As long as you have some green new growth there's hope.    

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                      • The soil I am using is BioBizz All Mix. And the pots are the Fabric-based Smart Pots, so holes at the bottom should not be needed as far as I understand. I just buried the plants more as mentioned above.
                        I discussed this with my friend, but she seems to be having some issues as well.
                        The unusual thing I am noticing is that although most people are stating that the plants may be damping off, when I make a little hole to check how the soil is, it looks quite dry. I hope I can save this little ones, thanks for all your help!

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                        • I'm not familiar with Bio Bizz, but even small amounts of ferts can cause probs for seedlings. I give NO ferts till the seedlings have 3 sets of leaves. Walmart has this seedling soil which is pretty much pure ground up peat, no ferts. You need to post a pic of how they look now, after you worked on them. Damping off is a fungus that has already done it's damage. The green leaves look ok to me. Don't fuck with the plants too much ! If you're lucky they might all recover !!! He,he,he  

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                          • I forgot... NO ferts but MYCOS are good ! The roots will thank you !!!

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                            • i use jiffy 2 and u r not watering it wright u r drowning them but how waz your roots when u transplanted them i agree with chubby 100% no nutes at first JUST MYCOS  !!! were your roots any thing like those b low ??? if not maybe i can help u out a little ......cool

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