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The soil I am using is BioBizz All Mix. And the pots are the Fabric-based Smart Pots, so holes at the bottom should not be needed as far as I understand. I just buried the plants more as mentioned above.
I discussed this with my friend, but she seems to be having some issues as well.
The unusual thing I am noticing is that although most people are stating that the plants may be damping off, when I make a little hole to check how the soil is, it looks quite dry. I hope I can save this little ones, thanks for all your help!

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Attaching the others here.

Also, on 2023-04-30 someone gifted me a Grease Monkey on its youth (~1 or 2 weeks), but has not seen much growth since I received it (that person has shown me photos of the ones she kept and they are twice the size!).

Probably I am making a newbie mistake, but not sure what it could be. Too much sunlight? Too much or not enough water?

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Hey folks, hope you are doing great!

I wanted to ask people for some advice. I have some concerns around what and how I am growing my seeds.

On 2023-05-06 I started the germination for 3 OG Kush and 2 Girl Scout Cookies. The germination period was a success (using Jiffys) and the five of them were transplanted to individual pots. I noticed that the stem of some of the them has grown significantly and without enough strength to keep the plant straight. Attached is a photo of one that is almost dead (if not already). The others are a bit better, but have been struggling as well

All of them are on exterior, with a lot of direct sunslight and being watered 2 times a day (not much water, I am just throwing enough to keep the soil wet througout the day given that it is ~30 degrees celsius during the day).

What could be the issue?


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Hey folks, hope you are doing great! I wanted to ask people for some advice. I have some concerns ar…
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