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AC Infinity CLOUDRAY S6, Grow Tent Clip Fan 6”

Has any tried these oscillating fans? My question is do they last more than one grow? I have an old 18" Hurricane that still works great but the 6 I have bought since then didnt last a grow. The warranty is good but I dont like to buy things knowing they wont last. I have always had good luck with AC infinity fans but they have added a lot of new devices since then so I worry if the quality control has suffered  



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    • Love them both and controller is the best.

      I destroy things so we will see later about durability. So far these are the best built fans I have used so far, that's pretty good.

      Don't sit on the fence they make solid products. And I am in love with the eco system so far. Not pricey and well made. And you can get real control over the environment with their stuff. 


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      • I bought a couple of their AC Infinity AIRPLATE S7 fans years ago and they are still running today, just as quite as they were when they were new. I worry they have grown so much I doubt they are making all their products in house and I know from experience its almost impossible to control quality overseas unless your native to the country. 

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        • Does the one above your light oscillate? 

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        • Their carbon filters last much longer then competing brands. They are worth the money.

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          • Unfortunately I have been told if you run the fans 24/7 the oscillating mechanism wont last.

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