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So this question is for all the folk who  make their own seeds. 

How do you handle the males? Put them in their own tent, then harvest the pollen?  Use it right away or Save it for later? Leave them with the gurls? ( shudders)

First controlled capture and release. Thought I would see how others are doing it.👍

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    • Once I choose a solid male I put him in his tent with my chosen female and let them party together. After I know she's been pollinated, I shake off a decent amount of pollen and store it in a jewelry bag that's put into a black air tight container with a few grains of rice to help with should any moisture get into the container

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      • I do about the same thing as Pipeman, I pick a male that looks good and put it with a couple of female plants that I also grew from regular seeds and let nature take its course. I am going to CS 2 female pineapple express plants and they will be the only plants in that tent. So far I haven't collected any male or female pollen. I will probably regret that one day 

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        • Trying to grow and cross to make seeds in the same space/tent is too stressful for me. I think Pipeman and the others will agree or maybe not. its a personal choice for me.   

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        • I was planning on isolating the male(s) and I like the idea of put it in with a female(s). 

          Would like to just breed two of them and keep any other females to have sone bud from without seeds. 

          Have an old tent I can sacrifice to the pollen gods, maybe make that its special purpose.


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          • I have several small setups for projects..
            when i make CS seeds i will spray CS on a limb or two nodes area of a plant..
            and label it so i know where to look for male pods when they form..
            then when the pollen is dropping, i collect the pollen and dust other limbs of the mom plant with the pollen..
            and if i have other plants i wanna make seeds from i dust those too..
            and on those i also just dust certain limbs too if i dont wanna dust the whole plant and i label those limbs too..

            When i sex out reg plants to get males i collect the pollen and dust other plants..
            usually i have several strains goin...if i dont wanna pollinate all the plants i will do this in a separate setup..
            i dont run fans when pollen is forming/dropping and there after usually...
            i use those dark colored welders mask lens..those make it easy to see the pollen..
            also i shud add..when im sexing out regs i use solo cups or 4 x 4 containers an keep the plants small...
            then i can just take whole plant and shake it over where i want to dust if im doin more than one limb..
            sometimes i do save some pollen in small 2 x 2 ziplock bags and put in sealed container in freezer..

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