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Whats wrong? Is this Cal mag related?

There are some other leaves that look a bit scruffy too. I use RO water and mix nutes according to the 3 bottles I use. I add Calmag every time. I could however double the Calmag according to the bottle. 

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    • sometimes seeing the whole plant can give you a better idea of what's going on. could be calmg, could be too high ppm, or pH is off. veg I like it around 6 for bloom I like it around 6.2.

      It could be nothing at all and the plant is moving nutrients, happens when you change it to a 12/12 cycle sometimes. Hard to say from this angle.

      one leaf does not make a plant

      i do see your stem is very purple and that comes from a) genetics b) 'sunburn' from your light c) or a problem in the nutrients, lock out or over feeding sometimes. RO is great but my RO is rocking a pH of 7 + so I have to watch my pH when I finish mixing, it can be off.

      I forget, are you using coco? if so, looking at calmg as the source of your headaches, you might be right something is off there. 

      when you get it sorted out and all else is good, it's just genetics.

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      • Thanks for the advise. I will check the ph after mixing nutrients, could be a thing. I use regular soil and perlite.

        I doubt this one leaf had sunburn because this leaf was  buried benath the others. 

        I see on the nutrient bottles there is something called pre-flower. I guess I am at that stage now? I might flip the switch any day now really. 

        I feel this picture lies a little, I dont see the plant as nice and green with my own eyes, I assume the camera is doing something. I can still see some rusty spots here and there. 


        Btw, humidity is low, 30% perhaps. Humidifer broke, and the replacement doesnt work with an external on/off switch. Waiting for replacement :-(



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        • Looks like the rest of the plant is good, it may be a fluke leaf or the beginning of a problem. I see that from time to time and I usually pluck the leaf in question, keep close tabs on the PH and the plant. 

          In hydro I dont think there is a magic PH # for all strains either, stay the course and if you see more leaves like that play with the PH a bit.

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          • Thanks, I am a little bewildered to whats going on. I have done quite a few things lately that might be the reason (humidity, cooled to much, light from 75% to 100% etc) ,so it is hard to figure out if it is this or that. I was thinking of flipping the switch to 12/12 but now I am not sure if I should see her get well first of if I should move on with the 12/12.

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          • Like the guys said...Don't over react to one leaf. 

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