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Led lights and watt size yield

So I use spider farmer lights and I have a se5000 480w light. I use it in a 4x4 tent to flower. 
Now I see a se1000w and the size of bud area goes up to 5x5? 
mom getting a 10x10 tent and was looking to add some bigger lights but seems like led light do t really come in area coverage that big.

long I know- so do I need to go up in watts (se 480w- se 1000w) to get bigger yield (adding co2) or will more watts just equal more bud? 
Thanks for the time! 

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    • In a 10x10 tent, you're gonna want multiple smaller lights, instead of one big one.

      That will give you a more even light spread, without a massive hot spot in the middle.

      Yes, more light equals more bud, to a point. Seems it's easy to overdo it with the newer/ better LEDs.

      Most LEDs are good at 30-40 watts/ sqft. Some cheaper Ebay/ Amazon lights may need more, but the better ones run 30-40.

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      • Ty, I’m new to led- used hps mh my whole life and the good old sun. 
        so having a 1000w light in 5x5 area is probably overkill ?! 
        because I could grow a 10x10 spot with a 1000w hps (with the right hood and light blub) 

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        • Cant argue that

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        • RbtAsq has jumped from HID to LED recently and the LED's he decided on are great lights according the spec's and his results that he doesnt share often enough. I just dropped a bundle on 3 lights to cover a 4 X 8 area and I kind regret not going with 6 SF 1000 watt lights to cover the area. 

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          • I like 40+ watts per sq foot and I can go up to 53 if I need it and I have not so far even with co2. I have only used real C02 once and at 1500 ppm with 90° F temps in the room I have foxtails. I used the C02 bags once and had good luck so I added C02 and an auto pilot, I am still on the fence  with that.  

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          • Welcome to the portal COD, RbtAsq has you covered, curious what does the 1000 watts draw at the wall?

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            • you won't benefit from 1000w led in a 4x4 or 5x5 without controlling CO²

              what you need for your 10x10 is 2 SF4000 or 2 SE5000 or 2 SE7000 if you plan to go with spider farmer led brand.

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              • We will just have to agree to disagree on that

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