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What strain would you choose for your male in breeding? Or do you prefer fem

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    • I have only made seeds one time and I use colloidal silver on a female White Widow. I crossed White Widow with Girl Scout cookies. They cross was not stable but the hybrids were nice I only grew out four of them. All four different phenos.

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      • Nice, F1 if you want a unique female then you could stabilize if you want or you could stay with F1

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      • My next up project is gonna consist of 5 strains maybe 6.

        I'll take a male or female of each strain.

        At the end of the day I'll have I stud male and 2  robust ladies all 3 different strains but the male will pollinate both ladies.

        For my male, fast growing, vigor, smell, fast to show his nut sacks.

        For my ladies, same vigor, smell but I like her to have tight nodes and sexy color. Showing sex fast also is a huge plus!

        A solid stud male is worth it's weight in gold! 


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        • You would think the companies that sell clones would sell male clones. 

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          • Sorry for the late post, yea I had started with just selecting by vigor. Agree those are good traits to look for. But it would be nice to know what stain has some good male but yea have to do my own work

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            • That's a great idea CPW would definitely help

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            • Pipeman has you covered, pick 2 strains you like and go for it if your interested in doing it. 

              I use this site as kind of a cross check https://www.comparethestrain.ca/  it works ok if I just mix to strains and smoke them but there are a lot of variables.


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              • Pick a great breeder too

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                • Yeah man. I'm getting the new grow going in another week and we gonna be playing with some fantastic genetics! Gonna be a fun share. Even have a separate rm for my 3 plant the, one male 2 ladies then let them do their thing.


                  I'm trying to pop this off do I can grow out a few new offspring by February.

                  Just waiting for last pack of seeds and my harvesting plants vacate the area.

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                  • Sounds great to have space, if I could really breed i wonder what I'd create. Thanks for sharing

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