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Purple Thai/parents. Just saw a few post on blueberry/Flo having Oaxaca in it

Don't know, only grew el, so el. I'd look for a pheno developing trics earlier 

Had one pheno look about week 4 in November, quite a bit of internode space with more bud to leaf

Both, I would enjoy hearing about the Persian indica also. Do you have any Persian indica post to share

So she is leaning towards Eldorado. Any idea how long the parents, pheno flowered for

Eldorado... So this cross is from seed. What are your thoughts on it so far 

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Wwhhhaaat... Awesome! So nirvana does keep back up stock.? 

No Eldorado?

Ed Rosenthal Super Bud 

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Jim Nirvana I was wondering if Nirvana had any Eldorado in back stock,and if we'll ever see a special month return?

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What strain would you choose for your male in breeding? Or do you prefer fem
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  •  · That's a great idea CPW would definitely help
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What do you like to use to max out your roots for a seedling? As I just usually start with just a so…
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  •  · It's like starting kindergarten again , I have so much to learn .  

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