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Nirvana Shipping

I was thinking I would buy some more Lemon OG Haze, fems and I saw the price was $20 five seeds, cool and then I saw this on the description, awesome 

Buy your seeds at Nirvana Shop and benefit from free international shipping of high-quality seeds.

Then when i went to check out I saw a $12 shipping charge. So I guess that means these are not "high quality seeds" ?

Still a good price @$32


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    • i agree that its a good price but still shouldnt advertise free shipping when its not.lol

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      • My last order, I paid the $12 shipping.

        Turned out to be the start of the Fedex in Memphis debacle.

        Hope they don't still use Fedex.

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        • Good Times those were, I dont think they do use them anymore, that must have cost them a small fortune in shipping replacement seeds.

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        • Thanks for pointing this out, we will correct this as soon as possible! We used to ship for free. But since COVID, shipping has been a huge problem, and we had to change our shipping method, which resulted in a massive increase in price.

          We are working on multiple different shipping methods and hopefully, we can bring back free shipping soon.

          As for FedEx, don't worry about it. The pilot went very well, but it left much to be desired after a month or two... You won't be seeing FedEx no more, haha.

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          • FedEx was shit it never arrived to me 

            and you have to resend a 500$ order ;l

            anyway you got any faster shipping methods what should i tell the support???

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            • ofcourse i will pay extra its isnt an problem

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              • So Lupus Rex, It seems like 5 Lemon OG Haze with free shipping would be an acceptable finders fee for proof reading your advertisements . 

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              • Lupus Rex, in case yo missed it that was a huge hint for a finders fee.  

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