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Flush Mount Flood Table Drain

I have converted the ebb and flow into a drip feed similar to how I have the tent setup but the runoff goes into the flood table and since the drain is above the bottom of the table i leaves some water standing in the bottom. Is there a flush mount drain I can buy? 

I bet the answer is painfully simple, I am not on my game this week

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  • What size piping is your drain?

    How much room do you have underneath your table?

    If it's like a 2" drain get a 3x2 reducer and make a funnel drain. Jam that reducer to the bottom of your table right under the hole.

    That's if you have the room underneath.

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    • I do have room underneath

      The drain from the E&F is a 1/2 hose but that goes back into the res and I dont want that so I think your on the right track or I could just dial down the feed and vacuum out the runout like I do in the tent. I think my brain got stuck between ebb & flow and drip feed and then I over thought it.



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    • My flood tray drain can be anything you want it flush or not. Is it and actual flood tray bought for that purpose?

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      • What kind of  tray do you have? Mine is 2 x 4 DIY motar mixing tub and I am thinking about replacing it with a store bought 2 X 4 tray.

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      • Active Aqua High-Impact ABS UV resistance Plastic Flood Tray Table Black 2'x4'


        Hope that helps

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        • Thanks, that is the size I am looking for.

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