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Thanks! Yup hard to hide in plain site if I push flowers back 🤣. But that little one is in a pot so I am fixing to have to move it anyway. Probably pull all the flowers out when I move it. Don’t tell all my secrets of locations 🤣. The two bigger plants I will clean bottoms up. Been doing the cal/mag and fertilizer about once a week or two depending on how they look. Cayenne pepper for bugs. When and what do I need to feed something to help with getting BIG FAT LONG BUDS?thanks for all the help!!!!

    • Just slow down on the N, they still need a little, and give them plenty of P and K. Around the end of August start giving them a bloom booster. Kool bloom, Bloombastic, there are  many more to choose from . I'd stay away from heroic #'s like 0-46-52 less is best ! If you're organic, Dr. Earth has some good bloom booster granular ferts. 

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      • Thanks will be ordering some kool bloom. Really appreciate the advice. Never knew there were so many things you really needed to feed them 

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        • does the cayenne pepper really work?

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          • I will let you know. So far so good! Something was eating my plants beside deer and rabbits so I had to try something. Didn’t hurt them and haven’t lost these two since I put it on them 

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