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Okay all my expert friends. Down to three and need to know what I can do to optimize them. The smallest plant is only another foot or so tall so I know it’s probably the one I can do most with. We have gotten a ton of rain last several weeks! Got about five inches last two days. What do they need at this point? Really appreciate all the help I can get!

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    • Hey Nana, Growin behind the barn eh ! That's how it all started for me way back when...he,he,he  Sure feed it if needed, and usually goin into August they'll need fed. Several other things you can do also . 1. prune JUST THE GROWING POINTS of each branch, IF they haven't started to show pistils, Your plants look like they're Sativa dominant, so you can probably get in one last pruning. 2. clean up the bottoms of each plant, by that i mean the surrounding plants and weeds need either pulled, transplanted, or push down and away from the girls. Yes that includes flowers...he,he,he 3. watch for bugs, they're not done doin their thing yet. Overall, you've done good so far, no yellowing and they look healthy !!!!  Happy growin/harvest

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      • Thanks! Yup hard to hide in plain site if I push flowers back 🤣. But that little one is in a pot so I am fixing to have to move it anyway. Probably pull all the flowers out when I move it. Don’t tell all my secrets of locations 🤣. The two bigger plants I will clean bottoms up. Been doing the cal/mag and fertilizer about once a week or two depending on how they look. Cayenne pepper for bugs. When and what do I need to feed something to help with getting BIG FAT LONG BUDS?thanks for all the help!!!!

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