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I like this idea and think the same. I’m not running a light if I can’t run it at 100%. My last light had a veg and flower switch but I kicked both on out of the gate. If you have the head room…..Letter RIP plants will adapt to optimal Par IMO

    • Idk about LEDs, but HPS was less efficient, at less than 100%.

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        • They will be at 80 to 100%soon but not gonna take a chance on burning them.after. a day or so will revaluate things and go from there
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        • Not saying you should.

          Already gave my opinion, 50% and go from there.

          CPW (RIP) could've told ya  "It's easy to torch a harvest when rushing with a new light."

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          • I still scratch my head on that one, hell of a grower who always added valuable info we can converse on. I understand having a bestie but damn ya know. RIP-CPW

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            • So so right! I waited to complete a grow and started the new light and a new plant. I torched this latest grow but was paying attention and adjusted just ended up with some nasty looking leaves till I defoliated. I thought I would be fine with the low temps and a lot of light..... Wrong again lol Going from 400 w led to 730w led is a learning curve . I am glad I didn't switch up in the middle of a grow. 

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